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History Behind HealthDreams

Nutrition has been a personal interest for over 25 years. With qualifications in Nutrition and Herbal Medicine, natural remedies and preventing ill health have always been more of interest to me than getting ill and going to the Doctor for a pharmaceutical remedy.

Combining my Master’s degree from Bristol University in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health with the extensive knowledge and other diploma’s and qualifications gained in the subject over a period of over 25 years, I started HealthDreams as a consultancy, with the intention of helping businesses improve the health of their employees. Conversations ended up with me helping address long term health issues, or new Mums whose babies were not well, but who did not want to resort to pharmaceutical remedies, and my focus moved more and more towards generic remedies for a healthier lifestyle. My Book, Vegetables, forgotten natural remedies, was written and then rewritten at various points over this timeframe.

Over this same 25 year plus period, with the same lifestyle issues as many of my peers, (limited time and enthusiasm for extensive exercise to keep me fit to counteract my office jobs stuck behind desks) and my first hand knowledge of how important a good diet is in relation to keeping healthy, I have been searching for high quality supplements that would help me achieve a sufficient intake of nutrients to fight disease and illness and keep it at bay.

Searches for good nutrients inevitably ended up with the same old multi level options, but once I looked at the nutrients behind the rhetoric, I realised that I was paying more money to help other people reach their financial  dreams than I was for my own HealthDreams!  Despite some obvious benefits, the marketing hype was bigger than the results. I looked at a well known slimming aid that turns into a shake with the addition of skimmed milk. However, like all similar slimming products sold in shops, the bulk of the shake is skimmed milk powder (why add skimmed milk to that?) with the usual following of various sugars and bulking agents, and eventually along comes a vitamin. Vitamins, minerals and beneficial agents should be the bulk of a supplement (they are for HealthDreams supplements) not an afterthought!

I saw an advertisement on the back of a bus, but once again, they were so specialised and specific, that by the time you get what you want, you have spent a small fortune, with about 10 different items, all supporting one specific health benefit. Even these are dubious though, despite the high profile sports personalities paid a fortune to promote these supplements, I realised that they are primarily in all likelihood, man made synthetics, and not natural.

Eventually, because I actually know the subject matter, this brand came to be created. Made with only the best ingredients for the job, the blends and complexes are made up from many ingredients to cover a wide angle, meaning that there is a broad spectrum approach that will benefit nearly everyone. With a big hit of nutrients and minerals in each blend, they work well. One or two do contain a bulking agent or maybe a flavouring, but only one or two and only in very small quantities. My meal replacements are all just vitamins and minerals. They do not contain sugar and fillers of various kinds. You will be satisfied, but if not,  have another portion! At less than 100 calories, have two or three! Fill yourself up. It is better than a snack, and fills you with vitamins and minerals your body will assimilate, use and enjoy, and probably craves! After all, no other food source or supplements will provide you with as broad a spectrum as ours do.

The fish oils and Omegas contain high quality sustainable fish oils and other omega oils, selected for their quality, their power, their (lack of) taste and their wonderful health benefits. In fact all the 30 odd products are designed to be multifaceted, highly beneficial, not contain any rubbish or unnecessary ingredients, and above all, are not designed to share income up and down a pyramid of entrepreneurs who are more interested in maintaining a profit margin than they are in providing supplements that actually do what they say in the marketing documentation.

One other thing I cannot do is offer Huge discounts and “BUY ONE GET ONE Free” offers. Why? Because to do that I would have to be working on massive margins and sell cheap rubbish. All my ingredients are of the best quality, and cost money. To keep my supplements at a competitive price (cheaper than lower quality rubbish products you can buy elsewhere) I use low profit margins, that barely cover the cost of marketing and running this business. It is a hobby rather than a job (for now) and if you are thinking about trying our supplements, please do, because you are helping a dedicated start up. All the money you pay for the goods covers the cost of the goods and some of the marketing costs. At this stage, profit is still a long way off, so we really appreciate your support.